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The PENTHOUSE of the Findeisen Foundation

The Findeisen Foundation’s PENTHOUSE is located in the heart of Cologne’s Southern district, surrounded by faculty buildings of the University of Technology, Arts, and Sciences. Emphasizing the “Manage & Meet” and “Study & Stay” concepts, it serves as a pivotal gathering place for the Foundation’s Executive Board, Board of Trustees, and international as well as regional academic guests. The Penthouse is a key venue for promoting the Foundation’s mission in the fields of art and architecture. It is intended to support education, research, and teaching for the public good.

»Architecture does matter. Surrounded by thoughtfully designed architecture and historic environments, great ideas can be nurtured into tangible projects

Markus Schmale, Dipl.-Ing., Architect BDA

Chairman of the Board

Blick von oben in die Halle des Penthouse

Manage & Meet – Study & Stay

At the heart of Cologne’s Southern district, the Manage & Meet concept at the Findeisen Foundation’s PENTHOUSE provides a premier setting for high-level meetings and business events. Overlooking the stunning Cologne Cathedral and skyline, the PENTHOUSE is an ideal venue for strategic planning and networking. The Foundation offers expert support and resources to ensure top-quality management of its projects and meetings.

The Study & Stay concept at the PENTHOUSE offers a unique environment for academic guests from the departments of architecture, urban, and landscape planning. This inspiring workspace and residential setting allow both regional and international academics to engage in research and creative idea development. The Foundation facilitates this by offering resources and support in collaboration with universities, promoting overall exchange.

The CUBITY Atelier House, part of the Foundation and located in nearby Merzenich, aligns with these concepts. Specifically designed for educational pursuits, teaching, and research in urban and landscape planning, it plays a pivotal role in the development of regional planning strategies within the former Rhenish mining district.

Discussion and meeting area

The meeting and discussion area, featuring a view of the iconic Cologne Cathedral, provides an inspiring backdrop for business gatherings and strategic conversations.
The eight-meter-high windows provide a magnificent view of the city’s landmark, while the rooftop terrace offers a unique spot for outdoor breaks. This area melds functionality with aesthetics, creating a welcoming atmosphere for effective meetings in a superb environment.

Sitzecke und Balkon mit Blick auf den Kölner Dom
Bibliothek mit Arbeitsplatz

The Library

The PENTHOUSE’s library and work area, distinguished by its elegant, timeless design, fosters a serene and motivational atmosphere for efficient work and research. Stocked with a select collection of architecture and art books, and urban planning models, it provides a tranquil space for guests to deepen their studies and projects. Abundant natural light and spectacular city views enhance the inspirational work environment.

Work Areas in the Atrium

The Atrium’s workspaces are brightly lit with both artificial and natural light. The design is practical yet aesthetically pleasing, with large windows along the facade providing plenty of natural light and access to a balcony. At each room’s entrance, select artworks by Britta Findeisen enhance the ambiance. The workspace in the foyer, which is near the kitchen, also functions as a dining area.

Penthouse Arbeitsplätze
Penthouse Lounge


The Lounge features a comfortable sofa, a large TV for presentations and video conferences, and selected artworks from Asia and Central America. Located adjacent to the library and accessible from the foyer, this space offers a relaxed yet engaging setting for informal meetings. The art pieces add a cultural touch to the space.


The upper floor of the PENTHOUSE provides four guest rooms, varying in size. Each room, whether single or double, features a unique design with Britta Findeisen’s artworks, fine furniture, top-quality bedding, and splendid views of Cologne. Named after the foundation’s founders and board members—Ulrich, Britta, Vicky, Markus, and curators Bodo, Sarah, and Paul—these rooms emphasize on personal touch, contributing to the welcoming ambiance of this exclusive accommodation.

Schlafzimmer Britta im Penthouse

»Architecture focused on people’s needs creates an environment in which new ideas can mature and grow.«

Anett-Maud Joppien, Prof. Dipl.-Ing., M. Arch., Architect BDA

Department council and professorship at the TU Darmstadt, Chair of "Design and Building Technology"

Photo Credit

Sharon Nathan for the Britta and Ulrich Findeisen Foundation for Art and Architecture, 2022/2023

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